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Trusted ways to buy and sell Crypto at Qcone.Net  

Bank Transfer
Receive payment for your Crypto directly into your bank account anywhere anytime in the world

Exchange Crypto for Cash
Get paid in cash at your doorstep or at a convenient pickup location near you

Online Wallet Safe
All Crypto of you in wallet QCONE Safe

  • Bank-level security – your money is in safe hands.
  • Hosted in the AWS cloud for security and continuity
  • Segregated customer accounts held in Tier 1 international banks.
  • Systematic procedures & checks.
  • Thorough verification & authentication measures.
  • Secured assets – peer-to-peer trading service with high information security
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How To Get Started Qcone.net Buy sale Crypto Peer to Peer payment in +30 solution
Instant non-Kyc peer-to-peer account creation – initiate an investment strategy with assets in your wallet manage – execute trades

Create an offer
Create an offer with a wide selection of purchases and secure payments

Trade your offer
Your preferential transaction with low cost and secure personal information

Buy or Sell Orders
Buy or Sell order is initiated with +1000 crypto IN FUTURE

How to start a transaction on Qcone.net for Buying and selling Cryptocurrencies Peer-to-peer payment with 30 ways to pay directly to the merchant account. we only act as an intermediary holding the seller’s crypto assets on your behalf. after you pay the seller and the transaction is confirmed by the seller. At this time, crypto assets will be transferred to your wallet in the fastest and safest way without fear of being scammed or others taking over your assets. Please contact us through our translation channel for staff to verify before making purchase and sale transactions on the QCONE.NET P2P platform.

Features of P2P Crypto Exchange Software

• Accurate and private transaction: Both buyers and sellers can pick their desired orders over the large volume for crypto trading and vice versa.

• Hassle free crypto swapping: this option allows the buyers and sellers to carry out a secure trading process, avoiding interaction of any middleman parties. The transactions can be processed and eliminated entirely, avoiding the fraud lent of any digital agreements.

• Support multiple language and multiple cryptocurrencies: supports multiple language and numerous cryptocurrencies to achieve crypto transactions over world.

• Escrow service: p2p crypto exchange helps you stay up to date on all the paperwork and transactions, and makes sure the buyer and seller follow through with their contractual agreement. Also offers secure and trusted smart contract-based escrow system fuels the trust and hope to make successful trading between the platform’s users.

• No third parties: No intermediaries or central authorities to deduct crypto transaction fee.

• Instant KYC and profile verification: KYC/AML permits admins to authorize the user profiles quickly and efficiently, which helps remove unauthorized users to your reliable crypto exchange platform.

• Multiple payment options: Peer-to-peer crypto exchanges offer anonymous ways to buy and sell cryptocurrency with a wide range of payment methods.

• User interface (UI): p2p crypto exchange script offers single paged solutions, so it makes users can register and sign themselves using their social media accounts and log and trade themselves in the platform with ease manner.

• Real time market value: P2p exchange script has built with displaying the volatile cryptocurrency value which can be checked in real-time with no difficulties.

• Automated transactions: Though it’s a decentralized peer-to-peer swaps, automated crypto transactions drives trusted users’ transactions, eliminating the need for a middleman and eliminates unnecessary transaction fee.

• Multi-factor authentication: Multi-factor authentication is when a user must provide two or more pieces of evidence to verify their identity to gain access to an app or digital resource. Multifactor authentication (MFA) is used to protect against hackers by ensuring that digital users are who they say they are.

• Faster way to trade: This ensures an easier, secure, smooth trading process.

What Is Cryptocurrency Exchange?

The cryptocurrency exchange is a platform through which you can buy and sell crypto coins. It is similar to a stock exchange. Each crypto exchange has its own characteristics. For example, one exchange has very low transaction costs, while another exchange has a very wide range of different currencies.
Foremost, it is important to be clear about what a crypto exchange is. A crypto exchange is a company that offers customers the opportunity to exchange cryptocurrencies for other means. In almost all cases, these other resources are money, such as euros or dollars.
In short, a crypto exchange is actually the place where the demand for and supply of cryptocurrencies come together.