Q Health & Beauty Thailand Co., ltd One Member Of QCONE GROUP

We are one of the leading companies in building a factory for the production of dietary supplements and functional foods, weight loss foods,…..
We research on nanotechnology develop healthy dietary supplement formula.
Products are produced from herbs and traditional medicine. Production of drugs and natural herbs. 100% natural extract production process and high-grade cosmetic production.
Q HEALHT company PROVIDE OEM/OBM service, we are happy to be consulted and served by a professional team in all aspects. every production process Since the beginning of business for customers to get the most benefit and trust in the quality of the products produced by us.
We have more than +500 best nutrition, food, and cosmetic products that are exported to many countries.
We are the owner of many brands and are certified exclusively for production .
Interested distributors or customers can contact us .

In the near future we will build a separate e-commerce site targeting distributors and loyal customers. You can purchase orders Pay with QCONE cryptocurrency and YOU have an extra opportunity to earn commissions from customers you refer to receive QCONE tokens.

The brand we distribute