Smart investment and financial management application platform

Smart investment and financial management application platform based on technology 6.1. with many options and utilities for users. QCONE offers many investment savings packages. provide funding platform for potential start-up projects.

Save Interest Rates

Birthday Birth of Child  Rent  School fees Christmas Holiday Salah Wedding and More Save Best Rate and package saving.

3 Months – 6%
6 Months – 13%
9 Months – 20%
12 Months – 25%

Save for your future

Plan ahead for miscelleanous expenses.

Why should you choose our Queen Central 1 Group ?

Queen Central 1 Group, a service company that supports decentralized financial management using blockchain technology in the best and safest investment and savings asset management today, we were established to provide Smart portfolio with professional investors, customer-first approach, safe investment tools and smart contract technology.

  • Account Certified Privacy
  • Claim profit anytime
  • Buy plans with coupon
  • Investment bonus and connection Share
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Upgrade to +300 types of digital assets.

Find the right investment plan for you
Refer friends and family to join to get commission

1 – Standard Investment

2 Project Investment in Future

Transfer Request Money in QCONE Wallet or Merchant ID anytime and any where you want .


We provide support for Disputes in orders to transfer assets to third parties due to errors or other problems in day .

Affiliate Earnings

Affiliate Bonus

Affiliate link

Automatically Top up your Balance by Sharing your Affiliate Link, Earn a percentage of whatever Plan your Referred user Buys.

3-layer account security information safety for you

Two-Factor Security Option

Two-factor authentication is a method for protection your web account. When it is activated you need to enter not only your password, but also a special code. You can receive this code by in mobile app. Even if a third person finds your password, then can’t access your account with that code.DISABLED

  • Install an authentication app on your device. Any app that supports the Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) protocol should work.
  • Use the authenticator app to scan the barcode below.
  • Enter the code generated by the authenticator app.

User-friendly application with multi-language support. multinational.

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