Queen Lab Technology Develop 0f year 2022

Our technical team is trying to develop and perfect the application products launched to customers and investors and the products and applications as services developed by the queen central one group ( QCONE ) Upcoming .
User-friendly and versatile product profitable for investors in QCONE.
– Qconegroup.com is a decentralized financial solution application in saving and investing.
– Qcone.net peer-to-peer electronic money trading platform.
– Queen NFT marketplace platform for buying and selling NFT products
– Queen Digital Shoping Online .online shopping platform with many digital products and applications.
– Queen Gamefi is a blockchain decentralized game platform that pays transactions via QCONE tokens.
– The Q-EXWallet platform stores ASSETS and exchanges WITH more than 300 cryptocurrencies.

In addition, the technical team provides information technology application services. app, web , logo . design according to customer requirements. game mine , gamefi , move to earn, play to win, buy to earn. wait to earn , share to earn ,…..

Queen Lab Tech Dedicated to decentralized financial technology application development
We make financial business digital.

Electronic invoice system
Visa master virtual card module
Shop Giftcards online
Transfer money Online Shoping via API
Buy and sell exchange P2P Cryptocurrencies / fiat
Equity / Project / Standard Investment
Loan from savings
Logistics / Courier
Open Banking API Integration
Various savings
Storefront / Multi stall / Market place
Payment system via stripe connection
Payment system through many payment gateways
API Integrations for payment systems
Website plugin for payment system
game system, virtual social network system
API endpoint for app development
Application development
Consists of
Unique creation
Good quality
After-sales support
Development of customs
Fully integrated resources and tutorials